Lighting and LX

Whilst I collect together some photos of the work I have done, this webpage has some of the kit I own on it.

Firstly, many apologies that this isn't up to date. I hope to refresh it soon. In the meantime, below is some information about events I've been involved with...

I designed, rigged and operated the Hope Unleashed series of events during 2008. Some pictures of these events can be found below, but a short video of the Manchester Apollo Unleashed event from November 2008 can be found here, 200Mb .mov file. Although it is technically a promotional video for another event, it is made entirely of clips of our Apollo gig - which, looking back on, I was really quite pleased with!

Photos of various events can be found here:

Unleashed: Flickr

Manchester Apollo: Flickr

Stockport Plaza: Flickr

Rochdale Champness Hall: Flickr

Oldham Queen Elizabeth Hall: Flickr and Flickr

Macclesfield Sports Centre: Flickr and Flickr

Bolton Bridge Centre: Flickr

Other events include: The Message Trust's Urban Hero Awards 2008 at Manchester United: Flickr - and 2009 at The Palace Hotel Manchester: M.E.N. and Flickr