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I do bike rides from time to time. It seemed sensible to start logging them somewhere - partly so I can point people at it, and partly as a sort of diary. So here they are. This page was created in Jan 06 so previous rides may or may not be here/incomplete. In general, I'm really unfit and useless at cycling but I'm getting better. I'm hoping seeing this will encourage me to stick at it and also encourage others to perhaps consider that they're able to do it too - after all, I'm umpteen stone!

(NB - I tend not to bother detailing every time I sit on my bike - although distances under 5 miles normally make it to the table here!


NEW - a note about Accuracy and Precision and the measurements I quote - a brief word about my cycle computer and GPS that I use to log stuff on here.



August 09: I'm still rubbish but have broken my speed (38mph) and distance (45m) records in the past few weeks. Will update eventually...!

Friday 17th July - SPONSORED ride around Manchester - 40m

June/July 09: I'm rubbish and haven't updated this for ages. I've been out a fair bit this year, but just haven't updated this page. Sorry. I will do soon, honest!

Saturday 31st January - Delamere Forest - 8.01m

Saturday 17th January - Ogden Reservoir and Hollingworth Lake - 9.48m

Friday 2nd January - Altrincham and back - 10.34m


Saturday 6th December - Stockport and back - 17.55m

Monday 24th November - To work and back - 12.13m

Saturday 9th October - Bowlers/Trafford Centre - 8.49m

Saturday 11th October - Middlewood Way and Macclesfield Canal - 18.45m

Sunday 5th October - Fallowfield Loop Line - 18.07m

Sunday 14th September - Woodhead, TPT and Lossendale trail - m

Saturday 23rd August - Ashton and Rochdale canals - 19.43m

Wednesday 20th August - Manchester city centre and back - 9.88m

Friday 15th August - Dunham Massey and Tatton Park - 19.86 - actually 28.64m

Monday 11th August - Bollington (pointless!) - 1.71m

Sunday 10th August - Manifold Valley - 18.00m

Monday 4th August - to work and back - 11.36m

Friday 1st August - to work and back - 11.08m

Monday 28th July - to work and back (via Chorlton) - 11.68m

Sunday 27th July - Manchester Airport to home - 10.14m

Monday 21st July - Trafford cycle forum, Urmston - 6.99m

Sunday 12th July - Chorlton Park - 4.85m

July - Middlewood Way - 9.3m

July - Chorlton (seeing friends) - 2.74m

Wednesday 2nd July - to work and back - 11.14m

Saturday 14th June - City Centre - 9.18m

Monday 9th June - to work and back - 11.09m

Saturday 7th June - Chester/Deeside Dawdle - 16.48m

Sunday 25th May - Anglesey: LlanfairPG/Llangefni - 24.03m

Wednesday 21st May - to work and back - 11.05m

Thursday 15th May - to work and back - 11.19m

Tuesday 13th May - Manchester city centre - 10.09m

Monday 12th May - to work and back - 11.05m

Thursday 8th May - to work and back - 11.08m (average speed 13.3 mph)

Sunday 4th May - Isle of Wight Randonee (short route!) - 41.63m (max distance!)

Wednesday 30th April - TPT locally, Altrincham and back - 11.44m

Saturday 29th March - Stretford to Stockport and back - 22.28m (E = 17!)

Saturday 22nd March - Leyland to Stretford - 32.91m

Tuesday 4th March - Delamere and Manley Mere - 16.38m

Saturday 9th February - Bridgewater canal through Worsley - 13.08m

Monday 4th February - Uppermill to Manchester via the canals - 16.53mm

Sunday 27th January - Fallowfield Loop - 9.32m

Saturday 5th January - Reddish Vale - 5.45m


Tuesday 6th November - Manchester Airport and back - 17.73m

Saturday 27th October - Radcliffe, Bury and Tottington - 12.21m

Wednesday 24th October - Marple to Macclesfield (Macc canal) and back (Middlewood way) - 22.51m

Tuesday 2nd October - Aria (Longsight) and back - 13.02m

Saturday 8th September - Fallowfield Loop Line, Ashton canal - 21.24m

Saturday 1st September - Shaw, Rochdale canal, Littleborough, Milnrow - 20.44m (E = 16!)

Wednesday 29th August - Warrington and back - 34.19m (record distance!)

Thursday 9th August - Ireland: - Ballycastle to Armoy - 10mish

Wednesday 1st August 2007 - to work and back again - 11.30m

Sunday 29th July 2007 - Salford Quays/Triathlon - 8.43m

Friday 20th July 2007 - to work and back again - 11.17m

Monday 17th July 2007 - Daisy Nook Country Park - 6.42m (but an arrowed incline!)

Sunday 9th July 2007 - North of Heaton Park - 13.50m

- (Gap because I've been very busy with gigs and we've had just a bit of rain!)

Tuesday 12th June 2007 - Delamere Forest - 8.33m

Monday 11th June 2007 - Altrincham and back - 12.49m

Monday 4th June 2007 - The Ride to Wigan Pier - 15.00m

Wednesday 23rd May 2007 - Midlands: Market Drayton to Gobowen - 34.00m (record distance again!)

Tuesday 22nd May 2007 - Midlands: Stafford to Market Drayton - 33.77m (record distance!)

Sunday 6th May 2007 - local Spring fairs, car boots and Steam rally - 11.92m

Wednesday 2nd May 2007 - to work and back again - 11.02m

Saturday 28th April 2007 - Hyndburn Greenway, Accrington, Blackburn and the Liverpool-Leeds canal - 24.02m

Monday 16th April 2007 - Wales: Abersoch (ride 2 of 2) - 17.12m

Saturday 14th April 2007 - Wales: Abersoch (ride 1 of 2) - 13.72m (joint record max 36.8mph)

Monday 9th April 2007 - Willaston and Neston, The Wirral - 11.5m

(Good) Friday 6th April 2007 - Fallowfield Loop Line, Debdale Park, Ashton canal - 22.2m

Monday 26th March 2007 - Anderton and Cheshire Villages - 18.14m

Monday 5th March 2007 - Reddish Vale - 9.27m

Saturday 17th February 2007 - Rochdale Canal/Hollingworth Lake - 11.51m

Tuesday 13th February 2007 - Trafford Water Park/Mersey - 6.66m

Monday 15th January 2007 - Tandle Hill and surrounding area - 9.74m

Sunday 14th January 2007 - Salford to Radcliffe/Irwell Valley (again) - 9.81m

Saturday 6th January 2007 - Urmston, Flixton and Sale - 9.76m


Tuesday 28th November 2006 - Salford to Radcliffe/Irwell Valley - 15.23m (E = 14!)

Sunday 26th November 2006 - around Salford Quays - 8.35m

Tuesday 21st November 2006 - Marple to Whaleybridge, Peak Forest canal - 12.93m

Sunday 5th November 2006 - The Lowry, Bridgewater Canal - 7.70m

Sunday 29th October 2006 - Rochdale canal, Rochdale to Manchester - 15.51m

Monday 16th October 2006 - Middlewood Way, Lyme Park, Disley and Hazel Grove - 17.18m

Tuesday 3rd October 2006 - Huddersfield Narrow and Ashton Canals - 17.52m (E = 13!)

Saturday 23rd September 2006 - The Bike Bike, Stockport/Marple - 16.25m

Saturday 16th September 2006 - North of Basingstoke - 25.55m

Sunday 3rd September 2006 - Altrincham and back - 14.99m

Friday 25rd August 2006 - Wales: Caernarfon to Trafford Park - 12.05m

Thursday 24rd August 2006 - Wales: Caernarfon area, WHR etc - 31.43m (record distance!)

Wednesday 23rd August 2006 - Wales: Trafford Park to Caernarfon via Bangor - 12.01m

Thursday 17th August 2006 - Delamere Forest, Cheshire - 11.11m (max 33.2mph)

Sunday 13th August 2006 - 'Tour de Manchester'- 13.09m (Nonstop!)

Tuesday 1st August 2006 - Hollingworth Lake and Rochdale canal - 9.46m (12.31m overall)

Friday 28th July 2006 - Radcliffe, Bury and Tottington - 12.39m (max 36.8mph!) (chain fixed!)

Monday 24th July 2006 - Delamere Forest, Cheshire - 5.87m (before the chain broke!)

Sunday 23rd July 2006 - Wythenshawe Park and back - 11.16m

Wednesday 12th July 2006 - to work and back again - 13.29m (two halves of 5.67m and 7.62m)

Sunday 2nd July 2006 - Delamere Forest, Cheshire - 9.27m (offroadish)

Tuesday 27th June 2006 - The Merlin Trail, Alderley Edge - 12.09m, (bit hilly)

Wednesday 14th June 2006 - Stretford to Dunham Massey and back - 19.78m

Friday 5th May - to work and back! (2 x 5.5m and a day's work!)

Tuesday 25th April - Trafford Water Park in the evening - 5.44m

(Good) Friday 14th April - East Manchester Towpaths and Daisy Nook - 15.29m

Saturday 8 April 2006 - Around Heaton Park in the rain - 5.1m (hills, max 29.7mph)

Saturday 1 April 2006 - Round trip to/from the Trafford Centre/ASDA - 5.03m

- (March was cold and wet so I didn't do anything then!)

Sunday 19 February 2006 - Fallowfield Loop Line from Stretford/Chorlton to Openshaw and back (18.35m)

Monday 16 January 2006 - Altrincham to Lymm and Dunham Massey and back (14.4m)


Saturday 26 November 2005 - Old Trafford and Manc city centre (10mish)

Saturday 10 September 2005 - Leatherhead to Guildford (15mish offroad)

Tuesday 30 August 2005 - Sandbach Crosses and Crossbars (20.75m)



With thanks to the Google Maps pedometer page which allows me to track my journeys... the ads on the left are my small thank-you to google for being such a great search engine and for providing the maps (and indeed publishing the APIs!).


Sept 07: My Eddington Number is now 16, hurrah!; considering it must have been about 4 at the start of 2006 I'm really pleased! I reckon my rate of increasing E is going to go down from now on though, as I've got a fair few mid 'teen' mile rides under my belt now but not so many 15+ and I'm going to have to do more longer rides if I want to increase it. Still, it seems I can cope with them a bit more now, so who knows?

"The physicist Arthur Eddington was something of a numerologist in later life, as well as a keen cyclist. He kept a note of something he called his Eddington Number (E), where E = the highest number of days in your life on which you have cycled more than E miles. When he died, his E was 87."

Here are some links about cycling in Manchester that I've collected - that may be of some use to other people.